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A Guide To A State-Of-Art Community Management
A Guide To A State-Of-Art Community Management

When it comes to community management, many ICO founders don’t go further than creating accounts on Telegram, Bitcointalk, Twitter, and Facebook to post news every now and then. If questions from the followers pop up, they eventually answer them. And, of course, getting rid of spam messages is also a big deal. Well, that’s it.

However, community management has way more in store for the benefit of ICO projects, since it is basically the cheapest and easiest way to promote your idea and create a buzz.

Remember, bitcoin was once only an idea worth spreading, and not a single dollar was spent on its promotion until it was known to thousands of people all over the world. In other words, bitcoin was initially promoted by the community only.

Priority Token is offering community management as one of the services in our ICO marketing packages. We’ve had a lot of experience in this field, and now we’d like to share some of our takeaways.

Be there for them 24/7

Since you might have followers and investors from all over the world, it’s wise to be online 24/7. It can be achieved by hiring a customer support team that will work in shifts.

Create a content they’d like to share

Want a marketing team of hundreds, working for free? Then create a juicy content worth sharing, and your followers will be more likely to post it on their social media pages.

Make them your ambassadors

Bounty campaigns are ok, but let’s be honest: we can always tell a bounty post or a comment from a genuine one. Instead of relying on a bounty, invest time and money into converting your followers into your ICO ambassadors. It’s easier than it seems. Just provide them with the best user experience, be there for them, rush to solve their problems, and encourage them to share about your project. Crypto community is actually an inner circle of people, and news travels fast.

Stay on track in the post-ICO stage

You might have noticed that many ICOs tend to leave their Telegram chats for good after the ICO is over. They post less frequent or do not post at all. The followers’ questions also remain unanswered for days or even weeks. That’s so very wrong. Don’t make your project look like a scam. Continue to handle the community management with the same passion and accuracy, or even outperform yourself. There’s always a time lag between the ICO itself and the moment when an MVP is ready. Be sure to provide your community with a lot of information in this period, so that they wouldn’t feel abandoned.

You feel shorthanded?
There’s a lot to do apart from community management?
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