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Grab some insights from Tony Ling on how to raise funds on Chinese market
Grab some insights from Tony Ling on how to raise funds on Chinese market

On July, 9th, Priority Token CEO Victor Larionov hosted a business breakfast with Tony Ling, a co-founder of BitBlock Capital, a fund that has already invested over $100 M in ICOs from around the globe, and a managing director of Fiat Capital. Tony shared his insights on how to raise money for ICOs on Asian market. Here’s a short bottomline:

Asian investors are eager to benefit from ICO projects, but it doesn’t mean you can get their money easily.

Roadshow in Asia is a way to go, but be sure to organize roadshow meetings as discussions, not as “buy-our-tokens” sessions.

Include a local advisor — not just add a name on your website, but find one who will be an active team member and a consultant.
Try for a hybrid sheme of security/utility tokens.

Chinese investors can be taken aback by an enormous hardcap, so think real. Make sure you have an idea of how your token will grow on secondary market. Instead of speculating with your tokens right after listing on marketplaces, take your time to plan a detailed marketmaking strategy in advance.

Invest time and money in quality PR and community management.
Consider visiting at least a couple of local events.
Find a lead investor — Tony himself is an example of one.
Also don’t forget about millions of solo investors in Asia. Make sure you have a user-friendly interface translated into Chinese. Asian investors are not likely to undergo KYC procedure, so try to resolve this issue before you start running ads.

Tony Ling is now a partner of Priority Token, and our projects will be among the first ones to be presented to the investors community leaded by Tony. 
We’ve also arranged new roadshows and settled on enhancement of PR activities for our clients.

We were proud to hear from Tony that he has never seen such a splendid technical solution in the field of rewarding tokens on investor’s dashboard.
If you were among the business breakfast participants, be sure to leave a comment! If you weren’t, let us know whom you would like to see at our next business breakfast this September.

Watch a video highlighting the key moments of a Business Breakfast with Tony Ling!

Get the insides on how to invade Chinese cryptomarket and obtain investments for your ICO from crypto funds and solo investors.


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