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ICO Bench: Your Shortcut To Success
ICO Bench: Your Shortcut To Success

Listing on ICO trackers and calendars is a mandatory step for every ICO. The audience of these websites is huge, and you can easily reach out to your investors-to-be. However, not all the trackers and calendars are equal. We recommend to apply to well-known and crowded services only, particularly as they require payment.

ICO Bench is one of the most notorious and time-honored resources with 4000+ ICOs published. The rating of each ICO is based on more than 20 different criteria, as well as on the feedback provided by independent experts. Over 340 industry experts and top influencers are contributing into the ICO Bench community on a regular basis, providing their reviews and comments on the listed projects.

The ICO Bench user-friendly interface allows a quick access to the projects of interest. Users can browse “Hot And Trending” ICOs, or head to ICO calendar to find the upcoming, latest, and next to end projects. Search by industry — i.e. Banking, AI, Big Data, Health, Retail, and many others, — is also available.

To filter scammers and unreliable projects, ICO Bench has imposed a voluntary KYC (Know Your Client) procedure for applicants. The ICO team members provide a proof of identity, a proof of address, and a photo. After a successful KYC, the project gets extra points for the “Team” section, which impacts the final score and rating.

Priority Token IcoBench

In summary, ICO Bench is a handy tool for investors that help them find trustworthy ICOs to invest in. Given that, every ICO should consider to be listed and rated by ICO Bench in order to assert itself and get in touch with the audience.

Priority Token offers assistance in listing your project on ICO Bench and 50+ more top ICO ratings, trackers, and listings. We also help you maintain and increase the rate by providing additional information and updates. Contact us for details!

Is your ICO listed on ICO Bench? What other trackers and calendars you believe to be noteworthy and useful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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