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MeToken: A Social Commerce Revolution Is Coming!
MeToken: A Social Commerce Revolution Is Coming!

Astonishing, but true: these days social commerce is growing faster than traditional eCommerce.

►93% of consumers rely on user-generated content to make their purchase decision.

►$36B were spent in 2017 due to social media marketing.

►There has been a 3x increase in social media marketing spending in 2017, compared to 2013.

However, content creators hardly benefit from it. Social platforms gain all of their value without giving them anything in return for their contributions. Moreover, social media users have little to no control over their personal data. Finally, the sales cycle doesn’t work well all the time: social media’s current structure fails to bridge the gap between discovery and sales conversion.

The solution is on the way, and it’s EconoMe — a new decentralized model for digital content creation. The Me Token (MET) acts as a community currency by Me-adopted social commerce platforms.

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