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October 30-31, more than 200 crypto enthusiasts from 10 different countries will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper in Tbilisi
October 30-31, more than 200 crypto enthusiasts from 10 different countries will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper in Tbilisi

10 years ago, on October 31, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin “White paper” – new P2P electronic cash. He challenged the fiat financial system, the one that provokes crises. During these 10 years, bitcoin not just survived, but fledged. Tens of new millionaires appeared in the world. Blockchain abolished all those numerous agents. Mankind finally can get rid of the power that governments and banks have over money. Cryptoindustry – a new economic field – was born. And now it unites tens of thousands of people around the world.

Digital Economy Association of Georgia (DEAG) invites everyone who considers blockchain and bitcoin an important issue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper on October 30-31, 2018 in the capital of Crypto-Georgia – Tbilisi. More details here 

Over 200 guests from 10 different countries will get intensive networking possibilities during these two days in a mild Georgian weather. Our speakers will precis 10 years of bitcoin and share their ideas for 2019-2020. Representatives from the Georgian Government will speak about the opportunities in Crypto-Georgia. Collaboration agreements between the crypto-communities and government representatives of different countries will also be signed. 

Georgian Mining Association will show you the opportunities Georgia has for mining and will take you on a trip to the mining farm. Chinese and other foreign investors will have a chance to learn about Georgian crypto projects and projects from other countries. We shall also announce Great Crypto Georgian Tour 2019.

You will get a great crypto-banquet with merry national Georgian dances and songs, “birthday” cake-cutting in midnight and a DJ. You will chill-out till early morning and get a unique chance to try Georgian vine and take part in a master class where you will learn to cook khachapuri and khinkali.

The celebration is organized via crowd-funding. Participants buy tokens – tickets – only with Bitcoin. There are participants tokens and sponsor tokens. The latter gives you the possibility for a banner in a demonstration area, bring a couple of friends and become a speaker. The number of participants is limited to 250 people. The celebration will take place in a modern hall in Tbilisi and will be covered by Georgian Media.  

Get ready to discover Crypto Georgia and reserve your tokens for the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper at website 


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