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Post-ICO Promotion: Why It Is So Essential
Post-ICO Promotion: Why It Is So Essential

The majority of teams consider that raising funds through a pre-ICO and ICO crowdsale is their main goal. ‘Once we reach our hard cap, all the rest will follow’. Consequently, they put their efforts and money into the ICO promotion. Let’s say everything goes well, and they manage to raise the sum they wanted. The crowdsale is over, and on the next day, they celebrate their success all over the web. Well, good job. But what’s next?

When the first euphoria fades away, the founders find themselves overwhelmed with tasks. Here’s a basic list:

• To put the project’s token on top exchanges;

• To hire the talents required for crafting the product;

• To ensure proper media coverage of the following work;

• To find business partners for further product deployment and entering the market;

• To make sure your investors start receiving dividends if you offered them any;

• To keep in touch with the community through social media and messengers;

• To allocate funds wisely in order to cover all the expenses without wasting money.

The problem is that the founders have only so much money and so much time to fulfill their promises and launch a minimum viable product.

This is when even the best projects often fail to live up to the audience’s expectations. Many teams start to operate in silence. The others realize that they bit more than they can chew, and the product’s deployment will take more time, endeavor, and money. They thought that collecting investment was the hardest part, but they were so very wrong!

The solution is to plan your post-ICO stage prior to the ICO itself. Imagine a timer that starts the countdown on the day after the ICO ends. Every extra day reduces the community’s trust and builds up the tension. You need a precise plan for the post-ICO period to ensure the best performance and maintain a good image.

If this is your first ICO, chances are you will mess up at least some of the tasks. This is when a little help from the outside is highly appreciated. And Priority Token will be there for you to take care of your post-ICO activities.

Post-ICO Management With Priority Token

We’ve helped 50+ projects to successfully raise funds and deploy their product. We support your token with a top-notch PR, marketing, market making, and community management. This is a list of our services for the projects in the post-ICO stage.

POST-ICO MARKETING — we keep the community updated on your performance and ensure a proper media coverage so that everyone will remember you and your product.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT — we offer 24/7 community support services in public Telegram group and on other platforms.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT — we manage the company’s social media profiles posting excellent content alongside a fabulous design.

PUBLIC RELATIONS — we publish your press releases in 50+ relevant crypto- and fintech media resources.

INFLUENCER MARKETING — we collaborate with the top YouTube Influencers who upload your project’s reviews for hundreds of thousands of their subscribers.

PAID ADVERTISING — we launch and manage advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, DSP, and Instagram.

ASIAN MARKETING — for Asian-oriented projects, we offer SMM services, community management, Influencer marketing, and PR services in China, Korea, Japan etc.

EXCHANGE LISTING — we collaborate with major Asian crypto exchanges and ensure a seamless listing process by meeting all the technical requirements. Partial payment in tokens is possible!

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT — we find new business opportunities and partnerships for your project in eastern regions (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong-Kong, etc.)

POST-ICO ROADSHOWS — we organize roadshows for your project to find additional investment, connect with opinion leaders, and attract major customers.

If you are interested in post-ICO services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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