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Why a good PR strategy is a must for your ICO
Why a good PR strategy is a must for your ICO

If you are contemplating an ICO or a Fintech startup, you have to consider how to handle public relations and other promotional activities to ensure effectiveness and legal compliance.

With the news that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat have banned cryptocurrencies and ICOs from advertising, many players in the market are now applying their best efforts to redefine their investor acquisition strategies.

The question is, do you need a PR strategy, or you can just let the things happen and go with the flow? The answer is self-evident: on a highly competitive ICO market, you can’t afford to be carefree enough not to set long-term goals. Simple as that, without a final destination and milestones, your walk is just wandering.

What Makes A Decent PR Strategy

State-of-art PR strategies for ICOs are based on combining traditional PR and ICO marketing. To be cost-effective and fruitful, an ICO PR campaign must apply a coordinated and collaborative effort of your team members and maybe even outsourced contributors.

Following a beaten path can be tempting, but this can lead you to a trap. You don’t have to do something just because ‘all the ICOs do it’. If something worked well for a similar project, it doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you as well.

At the first stage of planning a PR strategy for your ICO, you have to define your target audience and figure out where to find them.

Then you have to shape and tailor the message you need to communicate. Make it solution-centered: focus on the existing problem and how your product or service solves it.

Then plan out how and when you will reach out to the selected audience.

Many teams neglect the importance of live analysis of the PR progress. Be sure to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your efforts and be flexible enough to redesign your strategy.

If Doubted, Hand It Over To Professionals

We at Priority Token have seen many solid projects squander their marketing budget due to lack of a thorough PR strategy. You don’t want your money to be wasted with no return, do you? Then invest in a quality PR strategy, and if you don’t have skills or time to plan it out, then hand it over to experts.

Priority Token can help you out with it. We’ve already helped dozens of projects to reach their funding goals by creating and executing flawless custom-made PR strategies for them.

Want to discuss your project? You can reach out to us via a contact form on We will get back to you shortly.

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