China Tour 30 November - 10 December

It is a challenge to meet and raise funds. VICs are recovering from Asia and North America. For Asian crypto enthusiasts and investment funds.

This December,  Priority Token  brought together a roadshow. The founders had a chance to get a number of participants, including key influencers, and some venture funds.


Over a dozen projects from all around the globe have applied for participation, and after a thorough audit, Priority Token handpicked 5 of them: Cashfree, Bitenny, Crowdx, YourMarket, and EXVA.

Here is some essential information on each of them.

► Cashfree is a mobile payment solution enabling instant payment in € from multi SEPA bank accounts and crypto-wallets. Cashfree is aiming to become a new significant player on the booming European mobile payment market since it also allows cryptocurrency payments.

► Bitenny is an AI-powered payment & trading platform with unique Interactive assistance allowing easy integration of online and offline merchants. Bitenny was originally designed to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto world.


► Crowdx is a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform and marketplace built on Web3 technology. By using CrowdX, users can seek support for their creative projects by issuing a new type of Patronage Assets with significant emotional value for their fans and followers.

► YourMarket tackles one of the cryptocurrency problems: only very few merchants accept crypto for a payment. YourMarket is a platform that allows merchants to sell digital products such as video courses, e-books, and audiobooks for crypto and fiat payment by taking all the legal and technical hassles away from sellers and buyers.

► EXVA is a blockchain-based payment service platform that incentivizes the users to enter the ecosystem and use it to pay for a wide range of services and products. There are currently five categories of EXVA platform: EXVA TRAVL, EXVA Leisure, EXVA Crowdfunding, EXVA SBS, and EXVA PAY.

Over the course of the roadshow, the projects’ teams had a chance to dive into the Asian crypto industry and draw the attention of the key influencers and investors of the Asian crypto scene. There have been 4 meetups, one in each city:

► Beijing — December, 1.

► Xi’an — December, 4.

► Hangzhou — December, 6.

► Shanghai — December, 10.

An extensive preliminary work has been carried out by Priority Token local partners and included online marketing and media publications that aimed at introducing the projects to the local blockchain and investors’ communities.

All the 4 meetups started with pitching sessions and were followed up with panel discussions with industry thought leaders and VC’s representatives, such as FIAT Capital, Chain + Capital, BitBlock Capital, Feiya Capital, DGF Capital, BKFUND, etc. Other funds preferred to get in touch with the founders at private meetings that were organized the next day. The total number of funds and investment organizations that had a chance to hear the projects’ pitching exceeded 80.

Tony Ling, a managing director of Fiat Capital, took part in the Beijing, Hangzhou, and Xi’an sessions, where he shared an overview of the up-to-date situation on the international market. Then he furthered his speeches by highlighting the ways of solving the existing issues with the help of the solutions offered by our 5 projects. His input has significantly helped the investors to decide on which project to contribute to.


On the next day after each of the meetups, we provided the participants with quality follow-up meetings where the parties could privately negotiate on the terms of their future collaboration. Investment funds such as Plutus VC, GBFA, Huaju Capital, and Node Capital, as well as some independent investors who could not attend the main event for some reasons, had a chance to get to know the founders and learn more about their projects. These sessions appeared to be as fruitful as the main ones.

Priority Token Asian roadshow proved to be an effective way to expeditiously build a faithful community in target locations. The event helped to propel the projects and secure deals with Asian partners. For instance, one of the projects is now awaiting for a flow of investments that is reaching several millions of US dollars.

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Despite the stagnation on the Western ICO market, the East is on the rise, and a properly performed Asian roadshow is the best way to ride this tide. An increased exposure, collaboration agreements, enhanced credibility — these are just some of the outcomes. The event aroused a lot of interest and got a lot of positive feedback from both the founders and investors.

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