✉️ ICO Email Marketing: A Guide To Success

✉️ ICO Email Marketing: A Guide To Success

With Facebook, Google and subsidiary companies pitching bans on all crypto-related ads, it becomes more and more difficult to promote an ICO online. ICO projects have to seek alternative ways to reach out to their audience, and email marketing can be one of them. How to benefit from email marketing? Is buying an email list worth it? Why do so many ICO emails land in the spam folder by default? How to design and execute a flawless email marketing strategy? Here are some tips from Priority Token.

✉️ Why Email Marketing Is Mandatory For An ICO

There are people who don’t have social media profiles. There are even those who never watch YouTube videos. But everyone has an email, and most of us check our inbox at least twice a week or so. Given that, email marketing can become a powerful tool for driving sales, promoting projects, and delivering messages directly to the recipient. And you can get it all at a relatively low price, as opposed to buying media publications or requesting featured reviews from top influencers.

The other benefit is the fact that, unlike in social media, blogs, and videos, in email marketing, you can send a customized message to a selected user precisely at the right time of a customer lifecycle.

✉️ The Dos and Don’ts For Growing An Email List

Before you get started, the first issue is where to find an email list for your newsletters. There are plenty of people who offer an ICO email list for sale. The price differs greatly since some people claim they have not only amateur investors, but also institutional investors and venture fund representatives on their list. Purchasing such a list may seem a good idea, but it’s not so. First, you can’t check the quality of the list. Chances are it has been sold many times before, and you are even not among the first 10 customers. Get ready for plenty of emails with typos, abandoned emails, and emails that were added by mistake or by cheating.

But the worst thing is that all the people behind the list have no interest in you and your project. Most likely they will hit the spam button as soon as they receive your first newsletter. Open rate and click through rate (CTR) are extremely low for lists that are offered for sale. The situation is even worse with regard to sales.

The other problem with an email list you’ve bought from someone is that you can trigger a spam filter ban. All the email services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc., have spam filters to ensure their clients receive only those emails they’ve signed up for. When a significant number of emails from one sender gets marked as a spam, it’s very likely that all the rest of his emails will land in spam folder by default. And that’s definitely not what you want, is it?

So your only option is to collect emails by yourself. It will take time and effort, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s better to have a small email list of a hundred of subscribers who are interested in your content, than a list of thousands who never open your emails or mark them as spam.

To start growing your ICO email list, add a pop-up subscription form to your website, landing page and whatever else online resources you have. Be sure to add some value and offer something in exchange for an email. For ICOs it’s usually a special offer on tokens or joining a whitelist for the upcoming token sale.

Also, make sure you have a Double Opt-In option for new subscribers. Those who confirmed their desire to receive your emails will be more likely to open them, read through, and click on the links (and less likely to toss your emails to the spam folder).

✉️ ICO Email Schedule

The common pattern is to send ICO emails simultaneously to the whole list. But these emails bring fewer clicks and sales than those sent at a specific moment to a selected client. Consider adding ‘special occasion’ emails alongside with the general twice-a-week newsletters. Here are some examples of these customized messages:

► A welcome email to the new subscribers.

► A ‘familiarize-yourself’ email for those who had no activity on the website.

► A ‘re-engagement’ email for those who weren’t active for a long time.

► A warm-up email for those who started the token buying process, but resumed it for some reason.

Don’t get scared: you don’t have to track all your users manually 24/7. There are plenty of email sending services that offer an option of automatic sending of emails. All you have to do is prepare a standard email and set a trigger for sending it.

✉️ ICO Email Content Tips

► Write a short compelling subject line with emojis (but don’t overload it with them).

► Mobile is the new normal, so ensure your email is mobile-friendly.

► Check the download time for your message. Big-size images and videos can make it too ‘heavy’.

► Make your CTA (call to action) button stand out.

► Make your message short, crisp and clear.

► Add an ‘Unsubscribe’ button; otherwise, people who don’t want to receive your messages anymore will hit the spam button.

These are some basics of an ICO Email Marketing, that are sufficient for launching your first email campaign. But there are so much more to email marketing than this! Tools like A/B Split Tests, List Segmentation, Analytics, etc., can take your performance to the next level and bring you more sales.

Stay tuned not to miss out on the new tips on ICO email newsletters and other marketing activities from Priority Token!

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