3 Simple Rules That Make You a Smart ICO Investor

3 Simple Rules That Make You a Smart ICO Investor

That is for sure you know how exciting and unpredictable the world of cryptocurrency can be. It’s a daily basis for brand-new technologies. It has been the result of a global pattern.

It’s a smart ICO investor.

Understand the value of the concept

The concept allows you to evaluate the commercial side of a startup. This will be the case for the investor. A product or service idea that provides a workable solution to an existing market need. Ideally, the concept should be shown in real use cases. Check the MVP.

The rate of energy and the rate of

Find the right team

It is worth making sure you are interested in developing the cryptosystem. It should be noted that before making an investment, If you have a website that doesn’t give you a quote

It is also a team of investors who need to be sold. Don't forget to check some additional resources.

Another thing is a sign for a trustworthy team that explains the project.

Stay safe when investing

The code (technology) is being assessed quite difficult. If a potential investor is not a programmer, he is unlikely to be able to independently determine the complexity and the quality of development. At the same time, the capital holder has the opportunity to ask a general question about the properties of the technology or to learn the source code. Always ask for the link to GitHub.

Deceivers always dispense with vague formulations and refer to a third-party project. Check if the code matches the startup description, and note the format of the response. Criminals seldom pay attention to SEO-optimization of their resource, so having a good website will point to a worthy company.

Additional factors that can have a decisive impact on the ICO success:

1. Supply and Demand ratio. Like in any other market the value of a product rises with an increase in demand for it and vice versa.

2. Application Possibilities. The cost of cryptocurrency depends on the variety of ways to use it.

3. Government policy. Despite the decentralized character of the cryptocurrency, news about their regulation in different countries can significantly affect their price.

Either you are an investor or an ICO stay positive and be confident. Even Bitcoin was also once created by an enthusiast who once decided this is worth risking.

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