7 Tried-And-True Tips For A Top-Notch Whitepaper + Bonus

7 Tried-And-True Tips For A Top-Notch Whitepaper + Bonus

An ICO Whitepaper is a sophisticated concept that provides a compelling solution to a common problem.

An easy-to-read, well-designed Whitepaper is more than just a box to check when launching an ICO. It is a good whitepaper that will help you make it.

Here are 7 tips for a successful Whitepaper from Priority Token. There are 7 reasons for why ICO Whitepapers fail.

Tips For A Successful Whitepaper

1.  Write A Teasing Intro. Write a good intro to the bat. Skip the banalities. In order to do so be clear about what's inside. By reading your Whitepaper.

2. Stick To The Problem Solving. A good Whitepaper provides a solution to a widespread problem on the existing market. Research problems and challenges within the industry. Also be sure to familiarise yourself with your competitors’ Whitepapers. Add new terms to your vocabulary to be able to speak the same language that your audience speaks. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t describe a product per se, but focus on the way it solves a problem, an existing one or the one you foresee. Communicate that you are aware of the issue and can help resolve it with your product.

3. Tell A Story. People don’t like textbooks, but they love stories. Your Whitepaper should describe your product and token while telling a story.

4. Cover All The Crucial Topics. After you’re done with the intro, the problem and your solution, proceed to the next parts and make sure you have all the essential topics covered: detailed information on what is ready at the moment and what will be done after the ICO; a reason for issuing tokens; details of token commercialisation; a note on how the collected funds will be used; an introduction to the team; and a roadmap.

5. Back Up Your Claims. Provide proof for your claims. If you make a claim, be sure to back it up with figures, percents, industry thought leaders’ quotes, and convincing facts from credible sources.

6. Invest Into The Team Section. Don’t be negligent when it comes to the Team section. The people behind your project are as important as the product itself. A simple list with brief track record copied from their LinkedIn profiles will not do the job. Do your best to point out all the strengths and skills of your team in order to convince the audience that you have the talent you need to bring your ideas to life.

7. Nail The Design. A huge part of your Whitepaper’s success comes down to the design. Go for a clear, sleek design and break up the copy so that the readers could go through the Whitepaper with ease. Most people will give up reading after a couple of passages of solid text without any highlights. To prevent that, include subheads, pictures, infographics, easy-to-notice key takeaways, etc. Break up the text into sections that people could read effortlessly.

Bonus. Why Some Whitepapers Fail?

1. They lack technical information about the product.

2. There is no clear information on how the owners will be using the funds.

3. The warm-up section is too long, and readers get bored.

4. There are little to no facts, numbers and other specific data.

5. It is too sales-oriented, and it makes the whole project look like scam.

6. Different parts of the document just stand alone.

7. Sometimes the problem is not within the Whitepaper, but within the project itself. Even a flawless Whitepaper won't save an immature or poor project. What is your project? There are even more ways for the audience.

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