A Guide To A State-Of-Art Community Management

A Guide To A State-Of-Art Community Management

Many ICO founders don’t go further than what they’ve created, If you’re following up with followers pop up, they answer you. And, of course, getting rid of spam messages is also a big deal. Well, that's it.

However, it’s not a problem.

Remember, it’s not worth it. In other words, bitcoin was promoted by the community only.

Priority Token is the ICO marketing packages. We've had a lot of experience in this field, and now we'd like to take some of our takeaways.

Be there for them 24/7

Since it’s possible to follow online 24/7. It can be achieved by customer support team that will work in shifts.

Create a content they'd like to share

Want a marketing team of hundreds, working for free? It will make it possible to make it.

Make them your ambassadors

Bounty campaigns are ok, but let’s be honest: we can always tell a bounty post or a comment from a genuine one. Instead of relying on a bounty, invest time and money into converting your followers into your ICO ambassadors. It’s easier than it seems. Just provide them with the best user experience, be there for them, rush to solve their problems, and encourage them to share about your project. Crypto community is actually an inner circle of people, and news travels fast.

Stay on track in the post-ICO stage

You might have noticed that many ICOs are over. Not post at all. Followers' questions also remain unanswered for days or even weeks. That's so very wrong. Do not make your project look like a scam. You need to know yourself. There is always a time lag between the ICO itself and the moment when the MVP is ready. It’s not worth it.

You feel shorthanded?
There's a lot to do apart from community management?
Contact us to get a personal quote for our community management service. We're always there for you!

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