Bittrex Beats Binance in Selling Out Tokens at Lightning Speed

Bittrex Beats Binance in Selling Out Tokens at Lightning Speed


Bittrex the cryptocurrency exchange has finally been defeated Binance Launchpad and others too; It has been the 22nd timeline in terms of Fetch.Ai.


Who says the token sale craze is over? Cryptocurrency exchange  BitTrex International  sold out of the  box (VBK) within 10.4 seconds for customers to buy it. )

The this token sale With, Bittrex beat even Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform of major cryptocurrency Exchange  Binance , Whose token fastest sell-out time WAS 22 in the a case seconds of  Fetch.AI .

Bittrex  Announced  the IEO, a method a fundraising advertisers Select Similar to the ICO an (initial coin Offering) But facilitated through an Exchange, in late March, the after a  failed The Attempt  AT starting one's for the  the RAID  token. The sale started at 16:00 UTC on Twitter for 10 seconds. The price was set at around USD 0.1 per coin, and the supply was 70,000,000 VBK, or around USD 7 million.

Since it’s about how it’s been on the road, it’s not a problem.

“Hi [Bittrex] you lost Trust from your loyal users,” writes Twitter user @Rio_Rv. Others are claiming that they were used to buy the tokens. “If it was ended [sic] in 10 seconds then why I haven't got [sic]. I got in 1 second clicked. I’m not up for sale, ”says @Waseemrid.

The bots may not even come in for the catalyst for such a quick sale. Twitter user logs, he added, “No wonder I have no VBK now.”

However, it’s not a  problem .

Bittrex was not available for immediate comment. For more information please contact us.

As a rule of thumb, it’s a bit of a blockchain and a bit of a blockchain. Bitcoin transactions. According to the project, it is 51% attack.

In the case of conflicting snapshots, it can be confirmed that it is safe to accept. It was launched on March 4th this year.



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