Boost your ICO with Priority Token Onboarding Package

Boost your ICO with Priority Token Onboarding Package

You run an ICO, but you’re unhappy with the outcome? Don't stand idly watching your project fade out. An upper hand the Get with the Priority the Token Onboarding the Package  - a 'First Aid Kit' for the ICO an AT an an affordable price.

Sometimes the things go wrong, even if you’ve planned a thorough strategy. It has been shown that it has been possible to ensured that it has been a problem. Unfortunately, due to the ICO market, it’s possible to enter the market and raise funds. So make sure you've exerted every effort to succeed, and in some cases, it means imposing changes on the fly. This is when our Onboarding Package comes in handy.

In short, Onboarding Package . We improve and enhance your performance. This is a very low price.

So here's what your onboard ICO is

► We have made a review of the project, which includes reviewing your Whitepaper, Onepager, Pitch deck, Token concept, and Token economics. Then we advise you on improving these materials.

► We conduct a review of your website and investor's dashboard in terms of design and usability.

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► We review a script for your onboarding video and follow through on the final version release.

► We redesign your marketing strategy and consult you on an optimal budget for pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO stages.

► We develop a marketing communications package and offer you a customized list of ICO ratings, trackers, and media for project placement.

► We create (or update) your accounts on Bitcointalk, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.

► We create and post stunning content for all social media platforms.

► We carry out community management and community support in your Telegram chat 24/7 for one month.

► We place your project in 50+ ICO trackers and listings alongside with providing regular updates for one month (paid trackers require additional budget covered by client).

► We advise you on hiring the best people to reinforce your team.

► We provide access to a wide range of well-known experts and advisors in the industry.

There are ways to offer a helping hand. Not Hesitate to the Do the get in touch with us and discuss the ways <br> we CAN Assist you with IT!

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