Breaking: Huobi Prime Completes Its First IEO of TOP Network – Price Surges 250% Immediately

Breaking: Huobi Prime Completes Its First IEO of TOP Network – Price Surges 250% Immediately

Crypto exchanges are available for the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Binance is a coin launching platform.

Huobi Token (HT) is the 51st largest digital currency in the market. It can be bought for $ 2.5. Since March 1st, HT has increased more than 250%.


Huobi Prime, for the network, the exclusive initial exchange offering and the veteran cryptocurrency exchange. Price limit rounds for all of them.

Selling out all Despite the predetermined  TOP tokens  and Reaching the project's hard cap in seconds, the community has major Expressed Concerns regarding,, the incapability of Contents E Contents Technical Huobi Prime to handle the Huge '' demand - just  as with the with the of IT the WAS  with Binance Launchpad.

Huobi Prime Completes IEO TOP Network Sale

Of The Of  IEO platform  of Huobi of of Global - Huobi Prime, has completed the first selective token sale event in a matter of seconds.

Of As Of  Cryptopotato  Reported , the process Went through a three a Different "price limit" rounds, each of the which the one's's Lasted for 20 minutes. However, the purchase of goods did not take any more than a few seconds along each round.

To sell a the Managed total of 1,500,000,000 to to to of The first round had the Highest price of the capped AT $ 0.00177, the: second round AT $ 0.00213, and for last the round AT $ 0.00255.

TOP Listed for Trading Against Huobi Token

It was a rule of thumb for Huobi Global against Huobi Token (HT).


As seen on the real-time Huobi exchange chart, immediately after being listed, the price catapulted. It peaked at around $0,0065, which is roughly around 250% increase from the price of the token during the first sale round. At the time of this writing, TOP is trading at $0.0046, marking an increase of about 150%.

Community Disappointment

Much like it was the case with Binance Launchpad, Huobi Prime went through challenging technical issues, ultimately failing to cope with the high demand.

As we mentioned above, all the rounds were finished in just a few seconds, leaving a major portion of those who wanted to participate without any chance at all.

While Huobi said that the first round was completed in 7 seconds, the overwhelming majority of users claimed that it took even a lot less.

People reported various problems with their user experience while trying to participate in the IEO. Some said that their balance during the session incorrectly showed absolutely no availability of HT tokens (shown below), even though they clearly had deposited. Others complained that even though they placed their buying orders within seconds, the platform failed to process them, saying that the round is over.

Additionally, random glitches apparently took place, as some users said that the order creation menu failed to work properly, creating nonsense of the kind:

It’s undeniable that IEOs are met with huge demand, which is beneficial for the projects aiming to raise money. However, it’s also important to cope with this demand in order to enable those who want to participate to actually obtain the tokens subject of the sale.

If you are aware of any reported issues.

In the meantime, it's worth noting that KuCoin's IEO platform is  launching  on April 3rd. IEOs can be found on our  IEO List .



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