Security Token results for year 2019

Security Token results for year 2019

This year Security token offering (STO) has been frequently called the next step in token evolution. These are just the early days of STOs, but so far, the crypto industry has featured 64 STOs which raised an accumulative total of $1 billion. In Q1 of 2019 alone, STOs saw a 130% increase.

STOs commonly fit into three regulatory categories based on the level of oversight: Regulation D, Regulation A+, and Regulation CF. In this period of disruptive innovations lots of changes in the regulations and authorities allowing and forbidding Securities Token Offerings. The U.S. SEC has planned and drafted a series of lawful acts which control different kinds of securities plus their transactions, including security-type tokens. These are known as rules and regulations which enable the organization of securities offers under numerous circumstances, that now cover several needs and vary widely from each other in the circumstances imposed. n 2019, the FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) released a guideline to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, that plainly specified that security-type coins must comply with the FCA rules and regulations. Yet, generally, now, the environment for issuing cryptocurrencies for a couple of English scenarios will concur with the existing EU regulation.

Also, there are financial regulators who have taken action on STOs in the Asian continent, like Singapore and South Korea. However, China has banned cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. China didn’t stop there and the People’s Bank of China has recently announced tighter regulations to strengthen control and clamp down on cryptocurrency trading.

According to a summer report from PwC and the Crypto Valley Association, STOs are in an uptrend and the trend will carry on throughout 2020.

Condesk claims that STOs will become commonplace across public and private markets despite all the issues about poor quality, under-qualified or over-zealous attorneys advising on STOs and failing to deliver. In particular, over confidence on Regulation A+ filings, which have always been expensive and lengthy – and have been particularly so for many STOs – has led to significant delays and failed offerings. 


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