DataXchain Pre-Sale Is Live, Don’t Miss Out

DataXchain Pre-Sale Is Live, Don’t Miss Out

These days staying updated on the latest news and trends becomes a must for everyone who longs to thrive in business, media, or elsewhere. An endless number of enterprises, government agencies, and individuals are in permanent search of valuable content, be it news, statistics, images, video, audio, etc. On the other side, there are influencers and content creators who are eager to monetize their work by selling their digital content to those in need of it, through a safe and fair deal.

However, several issues arise from that. First, the content creators struggle to find buyers fast enough so that their data remains up-to-date. Second, the buyers have a hard time finding the precise content they are in need of. Third, the process of transferring the rights can be cumbersome.

Priority Token is proud to introduce DataXchain, a new blockchain-based startup that aims at resolving these issues with their cutting-edge Decentralized Data Trade Service.

In brief, DataXchain is a new standard for content trading that makes the process of buying and selling digital content easy, quick, affordable, and profitable for both parties.

DataXchain provides a tailored matching for Data Owners and Data Users with a unique Intelligent Matching Engine. This is how it works: as the content creator uploads the data, it gets labeled and cataloged right away. That’s how Raw Data becomes a Digital Asset that can be easily found and purchased. The buyers use Recommend & Search function to quickly find and buy the content they require.

DataXchain aims to create a new set in which individuals, as opposed to data giants, have the rights to their content and are properly rewarded for it.

DataXchain pre-sale has just started! It will be live until October, 28th. At the pre-sale, you can get DXCT tokens on the most favorable terms.

►1 DXCT = 0.06 USD

►Minimum Purchase = 100 USD

►Bonus = 35%

►BTC, ETH, and USD are accepted.

To learn more, head to

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