First Steps To Launch IEO For Your Project

First Steps To Launch IEO For Your Project

IEO, also known as Initial Exchange Offering, is a potential fundraising program,a form of early-stage investing available to retail investors.The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) boom can be seen in the context of the wider venture capital (VC) and private equity space. Credible blockchain startups are using IEOs to bolster VC funding. Instead of buying company equity - an IEO allows retail investors to invest in the potential utility of a company through its token. In this context - projects with an existing product that provides real token utility are more attractive.

An entry-level company or an individual launch an IEO and raise funds in exchange for their ideas. The investors who are interested in the project invest into the offering with digital currencies and they receive tokens in favor of their support. The exchange platform provider also promotes the project on their own platform for the existing investors with different IEO marketing services such as push notifications, banners, and ads until the project becomes a real-time application.

1. Unique idea and MVP to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development

If you want your project to be successful, it has to offer a solution that the market currently needs, and this solution should be objectively better than what your competitors have to offer. To achieve that, you need to have a thorough understanding of that market, know your target audience and, most importantly, know what they will be willing to give you their money for. First, build a solid, robust, secure, and scalable product on the blockchain, and then present your project and show how it’s going to change the world. This step is often ignored by hustlers trying to raise capital as quickly as possible but if you are up to making a quality product, you must have a product, and your product must use your token.

2. Tokenomics and token creation create 

The technical architecture is your project skeleton that supports its entire body. The blockchain technology and the token itself function as blood vessels, enabling the whole body to fully function.Creating a token, at its core, means creating an asset that your business needs to survive. Tokens can represent any tradable good: digital coins, loyalty points, gold certificates, IOU’s, in-game items, etc. Tokens are similar to shares of a company sold to investors in an IPO transaction.

3. Community engagement and buzz

In order to raise funds transparently, securely and quickly you should invest time and resources into various communication channels. If your campaign is to be successful, you will have to advertise it through any means possible, making sure you’ve reached as many people in the community as possible. But it is paramount that you and your marketing team are very careful with every single publication, post or reply. You can engage the right IEO marketing company to assist with token preparation, listing, and marketing. Above all, the expertise and strong investor and media connections of cryptocurrency marketing firm can give you entry to deeper funding pools and broader brand awareness.

4. Get your token out on exchanges

Exchanges enable people to buy and sell your token on the open market, so getting it accepted on the strongest and most established exchanges is critical. Different exchanges will have different requirements for tokens to be listed, but if your project offers something unique and truly valuable to the cryptocurrency community, you shouldn’t have any problems getting it in. Priority Token can consult you on which exchanges will best suit your fundraising goals, and your targeted audience but also get your IEO listed on a top cryptocurrency exchanges with the best deal possible.

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