Go East: ICOs Receive Up To 60% Of Funding From Asian Investors

Go East: ICOs Receive Up To 60% Of Funding From Asian Investors

Asia, Japan, Asia, Japan, Asia, Japan, Asia, Japan, Asia But it's more than that: millions of Asian investors, both institutionalized and private, are investors in blockchain startups and ICOs.

Although China has banned ICOs last year, cryptocurrencies. Thus, there are lots of crypto investors in China who are contemplating their next ICO investment. Moreover, tokensale projects of China.

Other Asian countries, such as Singapore, India, South Korea, Malasia, Emirates, Thailand, Japan, and others. It is a complete ban on crypto activities.

This is a piece of information that has been given to you by ICEs and blockchain-based startups. According to various accounts, up to 60% of the funds raised by ICOs with non-asian teams come from investors in Asia.

♦ Reaching Out To Asian Audience ♦

Nevertheless, it is not enough to translate your Whitepaper into Chinese and Japanese to reach out to Asian investors. To penetrate this market, a project needs a carefully executed custom marketing strategy, aimed specifically at eastern audience.

Asia is generally a low-trust society, which means that ICO projects must work hard to build trust among their potential investors. While online activities like managing WeChat and Weibo accounts is still relevant, the biggest outcome can be obtained by meeting your target audience in person. This brings us to the subject of roadshows.

An Asian roadshow can be a handy tool when it comes to getting in touch with top influencers, VC representatives, institutional investors, etc. A good roadshow will connect the project founders with an interested community and help them raise the desired funds. As Priority Token has learned from experience, a series of small private meetups does the job much better that participating in all the available big events with an easy access.

♦ Priority Token Asian Roadshows Experience ♦

In the past months Priority token has organised and performed several Asian roadshows for pre-selected ICO projects. We’ve covered not only a number of cities, but a number of countries, bringing our leading projects to meet Asian audience.

It reached 70 in average. Blockhain and the crypto industry were among the attendees.

Our roadshows have been proven. During the tour and after it. This was a significant amount of investments for investors, sometimes for a long time official crowdsale start.

You are interested If in making contact with Asian investors, tell us about your project and apply for a free quote .

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