How Priority Token Can Help Your ICO Or Tech Startup

How Priority Token Can Help Your ICO Or Tech Startup

Hello there! I’m going to see us. But our followers long ago will keep reading anyway.

Priority Token is a UK-based ICO marketing agency in London, Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai. We offer a wide range of services for ICOs and Tech Startups on every stage of their progress.

If you are aware of what you need to do, you can be aware of these days. ICO. It was no surprise given that it was in 2017.

It is a ICO or a Tech Startup these days. Priority Token provides exceptions for clients' expectations.

Our company's services

Apart from standard ICO services we offer:

► If you can later contribute to the project.

►We develop a whole technical platform for fundraising, including our celebrated investor dashboard and a crypto wallet, both available as white label products.

► We organize private investors' meetups around the globe (40+ meetups in 2017–2018) to consider

► raising money from investors, focusing on Asia, Middle East, and UK.

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♦ Our investment package includes tailor-made paper and white paper.

♦ Our Marketing package includes worldwide and local promotion, community building and hype-making.

♦ We offer quality Community management, Social media management and Bounty campaigns.

♦ We help your project get listed on 50+ top ICO ratings, trackers, and listings. We also help you increase the rate by providing additional information and updates.

♦ We prepare and publish your press releases and articles in 50+ crypto and fintech media.

♦ We carry out influencer marketing for you by negotiating reviews from the industry thought leaders.

♦ We develop a specific strategy to help you invade Asian market, including China, Korea, and Japan.

Priority Token has already helped 50+ projects collect $200M+. Here are some examples:

♦ Faceter — $28,610,352 raised;

♦ ModulTrade — $12,200,055 raised;

♦ PlayKey — $10,512,361 raised;

♦ BitRewards — $6,583,400 raised;

♦ SharPay - $ 5,973,900 raised;

♦ SKYFchain - $ 6,088,300 raised.

Do you plan an ICO or a Tech startup? Feel challenged? Be very careful when deciding on a marketing strategy. It can be spent wisely - or was wasted with no impact. Let's talk about your project! Make a first step towards an infallible marketing campaign!

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