How To Accelerate your Telegram Channel’s Growth

How To Accelerate your Telegram Channel’s Growth

Telegram is a popular messaging platform progressively gaining the attention of marketers came to light in 2013 thanks to the intuition of two Russian brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Within five years it became the eighth most popular messaging platform in the world, yet – ironically – Russia is the only country (together with Iran) where the application is inaccessible. According to the 2018 data, Telegram has exceeded 200 million active users worldwide: a pool of users with enormous potential.

Telegram is the most suitable channel, since names and phone numbers are not revealed or shared between the channel administrator and the user, nor between one user and another.

There are Telegram groups for discovering new projects, networking, debating, thought-leading, and promoting. There are groups with the express purpose of planning illegal pump-and-dump schemes. There are rumors of exclusive channels for high-roller crypto investors (known as “whales”) that charge companies fees as high as $500,000 just to post a link to a new project. Each project needs a Telegram group to recruit users and investors, keep them interested, and answer their many questions. (“When Lambo?” is a popular shorthand for “When will this token make me rich enough to buy a Lamborghini?”)

Since many token sales happen before any technology is built, the Telegram groups also serve as a rare data point for a project’s popularity. “That becomes the heartbeat of the activity of the company,” says Michael Jones, CEO of tech investment firm Science Inc. And like any arbitrary measure of success, it can be gamed.

In the case of public channels, the users can freely become part of the channel, unlike the private channels, in which the administrator has the power to select the audience, by accepting or declining users’ requests. Therefore, the private channel prevents the leakage of any confidential or sensitive data.

With the changing News Feed algorithm of Facebook, decreasing the organic reach of posts, the instant messaging gains competitive advantage. Yet, this feature implies that the content is created in a more direct approach to the followers, rather than the common newsletter style.

On the other hand, the Telegram channels come with a Mute Option for the followers, so sharing meaningful content, to your audience, becomes vital. The app allows you to share any type of content, from text and images to audio or video posts. Since most of the consumers use Telegram on a mobile device, your content shall fall within 500 characters.

Top Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups:

Telegram does not allow any form of paid advertising and according to its creators, the app will be free of ads forever. Therefore, as long as Telegram will not permit paid advertising, the only keys to grow your channel, and engage your audience, will rely on the content’s quality and external advertising.

The Telegram bots are a good tool for content distribution, this being only the tip of the iceberg since the bots can successfully replace a wide range of duties managed by humans.

Growing your channel will require more and more content responsibility, along with customer support to successfully maintain your followers. A bot can easily cover a 24/7 customer support duty, improving the overall user experience, while requiring minimal supervision.

Remember, the organic reach and the subscribers do not grow by themselves. Regardless of the communication channel you choose to use and the features it incorporates; your effort will be pointless if the shared content is not meaningful to your audience.

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