ICO Marketing Trends — What To Expect

ICO Marketing Trends — What To Expect

A marketing campaign can determine the success of your ICO. You need to stay on top of the latest news, trends, and cases. Get some of the up-to-date insights on the ICO promotion from Priority Token!

But first, let's go back to basics.

The ICO concept has emerged to be successful companies. Unfortunately, the ICO is distorted, and today it’s not a matter of his company's needs. ICO projects failed to meet investors' expectations. The SEC, it’s not a wonder.

Alongside, media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Snapchat, including ICOs and crypto-related products and services.

For example, sky-high. Many projects these days complain about overpricing. It is insanely expensive these days.

Some ICO teams confess that they allocate up to 70% of their funds to marketing activities. So when it comes to choosing marketing channels, a company has to be very thoughtful. You have to determine your desired audience and make sure that the channel you’ve picked is a proven way to reach out to this audience. Also keep in mind that for a lower price you get a lower quality of service and a smaller coverage, amounting to a waste of money. Quality in PR is a top priority, so be sure you are doing it the right way.

As the cryptoworld moves towards a better transparency, ICO listing platforms like Top ICO List, ICO Alert, Bestcoins, and others become thought leaders’ meeting places. To get listed and to maintain a good track record is a must for an ICO project.

Events also become trending these days, but be very picky when deciding on the events to attend. A small, privately organized event is better for fundraising, since it offers more possibilities for close one-to-one interaction with investors.

And last, but definitely not least, — any ICO now has to pay closer attention to legal ramifications of their promises. Financial market regulators and other government agencies have been taking notice of ICOs and other crypto-related projects to determine if they are acting in good will and ensuring that their investors get precisely what they expect.

It is not a question. There is some truth to that. It can be a disagreement from the market.

It’s a bit more fun. ”

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