Within the last years what started as an experimental tech project has turned into a huge worldwide trend with the potential for immense profits for investors. The cryptocurrency space has significantly revived in 2019.
After massive losses in value and reputation during 2018 the space has begun to return to a new life. The price of Bitcoin, for example, increased over 400% through the first half of the year. While this trend has reversed in part, the overall movement of the industry continues to be positive.
Initial Coin Exchanges have rocketed this year and have been viewed as a lucrative investment opportunity by experts in the cryptospace.

The latest Messari research report highlighted the same. The report, after analyzing over 250 IEO offering docs across 20 exchanges, concluded that only a few exchanges conducted token sales before 2019. However, it wasn’t until this year that IEOs actually gained traction.

According to the latest Blockchain Capital research report, Binance is “a major outlier” as 2019 saw the rise and fall of exchange tokens and IEOs.

The entire mechanism is monitored by the exchange itself. With a lower risk factor, this new approach to crypto-banking is catching the interest of ICOs and traders across the world.

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