Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Is The New ICO

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Is The New ICO

If you are aware of the intimidating tendencies that take place these days. USA SEC Security Token Offerings. They are struggling to maintain their current values.

However, there has been a way to enter the market, and to incentivize trading without ICO or STO. How is it possible? Meet IEO, which stands for Initial Exchange Offering. There is no need for an ICO or STO.


♦ How Does An IEO Work?


Ansitations is a fundraising strategy that leads to a partnership.

The project issues tokens, it sends it to the investors.

The terms of the cooperation between the venture and the exchange are outlined in a contract. They may include a price for each participant, a token price, etc.

♦ What Are The Benefits Of An IEO?


1. This can be your first target audience.

2. An IEO eliminates the risk of gas between the contributors.

3. Where is the exchange rate?

4. The fact that an exchange agreed to conduct an IEO for the certain project serves as an additional factor of trust and reliability. The users presume that the exchange has conducted its own research before letting the token in.

5. It is easier for the token to hit the exchange since it is already there.

6. You don’t need to carry out roadshows and investors’ meetings.

7. You don’t need to bother with transaction fees, token distribution, etc.

8. No need for KYC/AML (Know Your Client / Anti-Money Laundering) if the exchange has its own KYC/AML procedure.

♦ How To Launch An IEO


Are you wondering if your project can qualify for an IEO? Let Priority Token take care of it! We offer a new service — a full IEO support that covers the whole process, from planning and developing a strategy — to the post-IEO and follow-up services.


♦ What We Offer


►We ensure that your project is ready and packaged for an IEO.

►We conduct a preliminary audit of the project and make sure it qualifies with the exchange’s checklist for IEO applicants.

►We make all the necessary amendments to the project’s papers and resources — White Paper, Investment Teaser, One-Pager, Website, etc.

►We assist in the formation & incorporation of your legal entity structure, provide legal opinion and project review, offer the preparation of a full set of papers in compliance with Regulation D from SEC (if required).

►We carry out all the negotiations with at least 3 of the leading exchanges.

►We take you through the whole process and offer a full support and guidance on every stage.

An IEO has been the case since it has been a procedure for you to use it. It is a smart way to make it.

If you’re taking it over, you’ll take it easy. Want to qualify for an IEO? Contact us to get a quote!

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