Initial Exchange Offering Marketing Checklist. Part 2

Initial Exchange Offering Marketing Checklist. Part 2


There are so many things that a company need to do in order to make a successful IEO. If you are considering an IEO for your cryptocurrency project, you probably have some questions about how to market it. This is part 2 of our top advice on IEO marketing. You can find the first part of the article on the following link.

To begin with..

The cryptocurrency sector is evolving at a very fast pace. Just last year, the market was under existential threat from the issues arising from trust and regulations. To be sure, ICOs were defrauding unsuspecting investors and governments were using that as the stick with which to beat the sector out of existence. Luckily, developers came up with STOs which changed the narrative about the sector.

Today, IEOs are furthering the impetus for the market and there is a possibility for expedited adoption of the industry. 

Let everyone know, or IEO PR distribution

As of the beginning of January 2019, a total of 1,165 ICO were held through the year, raising a whopping $7,181,371,446. June seems to have been the most lucrative month, being responsible for $5,798,259,469 of the total amount raised so far in the year. Given the astonishing number of new projects and sceptical attitude to previous projects, you definitely need to have a killer marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

This is where press releases can play an important role. The IEO pitch provided via a press release can be extremely persuasive, while also providing crucial information regarding the project, its value proposition and the IEO details. Press releases have proven effective in engaging the reader and potentially converting them into investors.

IEO Companies Should Attend Live Conferences

Conferences have become regular occurrences in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a testament of the growth that is happening in the industry. These events provide a unique platform for industry players to interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. And as the industry grows, I have had a chance to keynote, moderate and speak in a number of these events.

Though attended by different players in the cryptocurrency platers, one of the groups that benefits most from participating in crypto-related conferences is issuers of initial exchange offerings (IEOs). Though it may seem obvious, the benefits of meeting influencers face-to-face cannot be underestimated. Most IEOs fail to succeed because there aren’t enough investors attracted to their project. Participating in crypto conferences can create interesting opportunities for issuers to introduce their concepts to a ready market of like-minded individuals who have the capacity to finance the projects.


Remember, attracting investors is more than knowing how to launch an IEO, it is also about having the right IEO marketing strategy that helps you create a great buzz. Contact us to know more!


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