Kickstart Your Project With Priority Token Out-Of-The-Box ICO Dashboard

Kickstart Your Project With Priority Token Out-Of-The-Box ICO Dashboard

When it comes to launching an initial coin offering, it’s always good to take advantage of ready-made services that come as White Label products and/or allow you to build your own solution on top of them. ICO dashboards make a perfect example: they make it possible to start fundraising right away after a quick set-up, and ensure a great user experience for both investors and founders.

Or maybe you are looking for such a service at the moment? Then you might be interested in checking out our comprehensive Smart ICO Dashboard, offered as a White Label product. It has all the necessary features for conducting a legally compliant ICO at ease and comes as an out-of-the-box product. You can easily integrate it with your website and customize it the way you like.

There is a variety of similar products on the market, so take a look at a list of features that we offer before you make a decision.

►Accept any currency, including fiat money;

►Perform a KYC procedure at ease;

►Use our Smart Contract Builder to create smart contracts without being tech savvy (the feature is optional);

►Manage referral and bounty programs;

►Get our 24/7 support.

►Get access to all the ICO contributions at once and apply smart filters (by contributor, by date, by purpose, etc.) to find the specific transaction you need.

►Customize your Smart ICO Dashboard so that it will fit your needs.

►Easy payment in just a couple of clicks;

► Any currency accepted;

► Adaptive design — the dashboard looks amazing on any devices.

►Get full access to your ICO progress. On the analytics page you can get updated on how many contributors do you have so far; which ICO stage is active now; how much funds have you raised so far; and other crucial information to evaluate your progress.

►A quick 2-day setup allows you to start receiving contributions ASAP.

Focus on your product or service instead of solving endless issues arising from your website. With Priority Token Smart ICO Dashboard you’ll easily get a smoothly operating customized website for quick fundraising.
Watch the video to learn more ►

Want to give our Dashboard a try? Contact us to get a personalized quote on the Smart ICO Dashboard and other Priority Token services.

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