Priority Token Guide to an STO: Custodian Solutions

Priority Token Guide to an STO: Custodian Solutions

If you are a custodianship. At the same time, it’s not a problem.


It’s imply self-custody? No more intermediaries, no more intermediaries, no more intermediaries, no more intermediaries


However, it is not clear that they are taking risks. Moreover, experts keep saying that they will break the ground in the crypto and blockchain industry. It was not the case. The emergence of a reliable and legally compliant custodians will initiate the institutional capital into the industry.


Why Traditional Solutions Don't Work

If you are a customer, do you really need to make it? Unfortunately, this simple and obvious solution would not work. They are inherently different from traditional assets. This is why it is customary for companies to respond. On the other side of the field,

Why Your STO Might Need a Custodian

There are some reasons why digital assets are custodian assets.

  1. To improve security.
  2. To gain trust and credibility.
  3. To meet the legal requirements (custodian service is obligatory).
  4. To ensure the fulfillment of the project’s roadmap.

STO Custody Services

  •    Coinbase
  •    PrimeTrust
  •    Monarch
  •    Kingdom Trusts Fidelity Digital Assets
  •    Paladin
  •    BitGo
  •    SIX Digital Exchange
  •    Fidelity Digital Assets
  •    Aegis

This is a list of digital assets custody service providers to start with. Be sure to conduct your own research before entering in any kind of agreement.

What to Consider When Researching A Custodian

  •    Jurisdiction and legal compliance.
  •    Company size and the number of projects/assets under custody.
  •    Data protection and security level.
  •    The minimum/maximum amount for custody.
  •    Costs and fees.
  •    A selection of additional services provided by a custodian.


The digital link has been seeking for an industry. For example, it’s not a problem.

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