Priority Token is in the TOP-3 on Moonrate!

Priority Token is in the TOP-3 on Moonrate!

It hasn’t been that long since we shared our excitement when Hackernoon and Bitcoinist included Priority Token in the TOP-3 of their ratings of ICO marketing agencies.

And here we go again — Priority Token has been named among the 3 top-performing ICO promotional agencies, this time — by Moonrate! Click here to see it yourself ►

Moonrate is a web-service providing ratings and reviews of ICO marketing agencies around the globe. Each review comes with a list of ICOs which these agencies worked with.

You can find Moonrate vision in the Q&A section of their website, and Priority Token shares it: “There are a lot of ICO support agencies, but choosing the appropriate one seems to be the real challenge. Only those agencies which have the real successful cases, broad experience and thorough approach can be fully trusted”.

Moonrate has strict requirements for the applicants. Only trustworthy agencies with a good track record and a bunch of successfully promoted ICOs can make their way to Moonrate.

Priority Token profile on Moonrate has a complete description of our services, along with a list of our successful projects, including SKYFchain, Faceter, EiraCube, Sharpay, Lipchain, EVEN, and many others.

We are glad to be appreciated by Moonrate, as well as Bitcoinist and Hackernoon. Be sure to let us know if you’ve noticed Priority Token listed somewhere else. And stay tuned for news, updates, tips and other goodies!

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