Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

Here’s a short overview of our Spring Asian fundraising Tour for those of you who keep an eye on Priority Token’s timeline.

Quite a number of projects applied for the tour, but since we treasure quality rather than quantity, we’ve devoted weeks to sort through the candidates. Finally we came up with three projects that were more than worthy of our investors’ attention. We’ve also made sure they have what it takes to present their ideas in a favorable light. Consulting sessions with Priority Token experts helped them to gain extra points and to get ready for the journey.

Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

So we’ve handpicked three vibrant projects that came along for the ride and joined us in the Tour. Here are their background stories in a nutshell.

► Yizoot

Yizoot is the world’s first blockchain-based social platform that takes advantage of the real world facilities. Yizoot supporters can use their mobile phone cameras to create chat rooms as a virtual replica of the real world.

The speaker for the project was:

♦ Eben Greyling, CEO.

The project originates from South Africa, and is registered in Malta.

 Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report


OVR is a decentralized platform that revolutionizes augmented reality worldscale experiences. OVR provides an AR solution to different market segments and needs. It positions itself as a new standard in the real life 3D experiences browsing.

The speakers for the project were:

♦Davide Cuttini, CEO

♦Diego Di Tommaso, COO

 Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

The project originates from Italy.


MUSIC WORLD CUP®️ is a blockchain-driven social platform that allows musicians to upload their content and share it with the community. Fans can make an input by listening to music, engaging with the content, supporting the songs and voting for their favorite musicians online by using the MWC Token within the ecosystem. The first MUSIC WORLD CUP®️ LIVE Final will take place in December 2019 and will be broadcasted to over 1.7 billion households worldwide.

This project took a chance to benefit from the Priority Token Investment Audit Package, which made its success a sure thing. The Unicorn Venture Group, one of the Korean VC funds, has entered into an agreement with the project founders in order to invest $ 5 M. The other Chinese and Korean funds are now planning to follow suit, and the negotiations with the officials are in progress.

The speakers for the project were:

♦Talal Thabet, Founder & Vice Chairman

♦Raymond O’Hora, CEO & Executive Producer

 Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

The project originates from Dubai, UAE.

In the course of the Spring Asian Tour our key partner in Korea was the Memorandum Capital. FIAT Capital, BitBlock Capital were, in turn, our leading partners in China. What’s more, the one-on-one meetings were set up in each city to allow the projects to meet more investors who couldn’t be present at the live pitch sessions due to some reasons. These meetings allowed our participants to contact the decision-makers of BW Fund, Mindfulness Capital, Unicorn Ventures Group, StarChain Capital, and GeekBene Capital.

In Shenzhen and Beijing we’ve had the pleasure to set up investors’ dinners with an inner circle of key investors who have expressed their interest in having a word with our participants. This was an amazing opportunity to share more about the ideas behind the projects, to make new business contacts, and to discuss the terms of future collaboration.

The Tour team greatly appreciates the invaluable support and care that was provided by Kevin Ahn, Priority Token Korea Managing Director.


As for now, the projects keep in touch with funds and a number of other foundations and individuals that are interested in investing.

 Priority Token Spring Asian Tour Report

For those of you who now feel like they’ve missed out on a perfect fundraising journey, we announce our next Asian Tour that will take place in June 2019! Join us for a roadshow and explore Asia – the world’s blockchain and investment center of gravity. Our June Tour will cover Singapore, Korea and China.   

To apply, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Telegram messenger: @evolkova

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