Steps You Should Take Before Launching An ICO

Steps You Should Take Before Launching An ICO

We are now in the midst of the epoch blockade. However, there are efforts, efforts, and money. 
The Token the Priority has the lead Dozens of ICOS through the Preparation stage, and now! Just we have Our own the ICO launching the Guide Review for internal use. In this article, we’ll find out that we’ve been a successful ICO, overcoming some typical hurdles that are currently plague the ICO industry.

♦ Get an MVP ready

If you’re getting ready for your project So invest in preparing for an ICO.

♦ Develop A Marketing Strategy

If you’re losing your business, you’ll be losing out.
All marketing channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube must be reached. Bitcointalk and Reddit are crypto-related channels, are also helpful in connecting with the community.

Social media is a huge influencer when it comes to ICO marketing. It is important for your project to be present on as many social media channels as possible. A big marketing coverage will help your project to be noticed and evaluated by your future contributors.

♦ Build A Community

Managing decent community interaction is one of the crucial steps in achieving continued success on the ICO market. Get prepared to keep in touch with your investors and answer all their questions, no matter how harsh or critical they come out to be. Put all effort you can to keep the conversation open, so that the community would be assured there is a team of real people behind the project.

♦ Focus On A Comprehensible Whitepaper

A whitepaper is a mean of talking at length about your project and its importance. But it doesn’t mean that you can load it with techniсal information interspersed with some general copy about the role of blockchain these days. The best practice is to highlight the problem you want to solve with your product or service, and on how you will solve it. To emphasize the measures you’ve undertaken to make sure your project will definitely succeed is also a must.

♦ Design A Compelling Pricing Plan

A good pricing plan is also vital for a successful ICO. You can make your own tailor-made plan, or stick to one of the following solutions.
→ Fixed price — the token price is fixed for all the ICO period.
→ Dutch auction — first batch of tokens is the most expensive, and the price is decreasing over the ICO period.
→ Price Rise — early contributors get the best possible price for your tokens.

♦ Be Sure To Comply With Regulations

Ensure that your project is compiled to the security laws within your jurisdiction. The first step is the AML/KYC laws. Research the local administrative and security acts to avoid the risk of sanctions. Do your best to hold fast to all the lawful acts to be on the safe side.

♦ Hire The Best Team

Make sure your team has the expertise for executing the project. It’s always smart to hire people with a good background in crypto-based projects implementation. Your employees have to be technologically strong, proactive team-workers with a passion for your project and the ability to do their share of the job within a required time frame.

♦ Make A Clear Website

Your website should clearly communicate the main takeaway of your story in a few brief highlights. Remember that these days nobody reads all of the copy. People just scan the layout and graphics. Do your best to make a good first impression with an attractive design and a clear message. Too much of anything is bad, so be careful not to overdo things. Include a pop-up contact form or a live chat to onboard the visitors. Sidenote: mobile is the new normal, so ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

♦ Run A Presale

A presale is a chance to try out your concept before the main ICO begins. It makes it a very good idea to have a positive impact. Investors are interested in investing.

♦ Retain A Professional ICO Marketing Agency

Feel challenged? Yes, launching an ICO properly is far from easy. However, you can always seek assistance. Priority Token is always there for you. Let's get it right now!

Want to talk about your project? A good chat is never a time wasted! We are always contact us .

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