STO Global-X to adopt ‘STACS’ Protocol

STO Global-X to adopt ‘STACS’ Protocol

STO Global-X's Securities Trading Classification Settlement (STACS) Network.

AIMS to collaboration of The integrate switch the STO of Global-tokenisation the X's platform and technology with Exchange Hashstacs'  Securities Asset Trading the Classification Settlement (STACS)  the Network. Multi-factor authentication and military-grade encryption. Ledger Technology (DLT): , transparent, and inclusive environment.


Joint launch

It was recently announced that the  Hashstac protocol, aka 'STACS', has been adopted by STO Global-X .

Through this integration, STO Global-X will be able to expand it.

STACS solution, while STO Global-X becomes better-rounded through.


In their press release, STO Global-X and the GSX Group, here it is.

Nick Cowan , CEO of the GSX Group,  stated ,

For global investment, there is a possibility of global investment. We’ve been wrapping products and more. ”

Floyd DCosta , CEO of STO Global-X,  stated ,

“Operating at the junction of traditional finance and the financial markets will radically transform the capital markets world. It’s a paradigm. ”

Gibraltar Stock Exchange

The GSX is a leader in the rapidly growing digital securities sector. They are a respected exchange that operates within a blockchain friendly government. Taking advantage of this, they have been able to develop various solutions, geared towards the industry in the past year.

One such example is the creation of a GSX Group subsidiary, Hashstac.


Hashstac is a Singaporean based company that was formed in 2018 through the efforts of GSX, Prime FinTech, and Chong Sing FinTech.

The company acts primarily as a blockchain development company, offering solutions such as their ‘STACS’ protocol. This is a to-be global blockchain, supporting the issuance, clearing, and settlement of digital securities.

STO Global-X

Based on Singapore,  STO Global-X  was founded in 2018. It was a global product, and it was a global product,

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Floyd DCosta.



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