Why a Live Meet-up with Investors is One of the Best Fundraising Methods

Why a Live Meet-up with Investors is One of the Best Fundraising Methods

As an entrepreneur, you are most likely to be passionate and optimistic about your concept. However, your product may never see the light of day because of a lack of funding. That’s why meeting the right investors is by far the most crucial thing you ought to do for your company.

But securing the investors who are ready to fund you is challenging. Unfortunately, they won’t come knocking on your door. Moreover, VC funds and angel investors receive thousands of requests daily, so without an insider who favors you, your application will be buried under a heap of others. But is there a way to have an insider at every valuable fund, or there is another way to reach out to investors? Yes, there is a number of ways to get in touch with funds and make them notice you, and one of them is a pre-organised live meet-up.

What is a Live Meet-Up with Investors?

A live meet-up is a scheduled event that is aimed at bringing together the investors and the project’s representatives, usually the founders. As a rule, these events are organized by a third party, which also undertakes the task to look through the candidates in advance and approve those of them that are worth the investors’ attention. At the event the project representatives get a chance to tell their story, to share their passion, and most importantly, to describe the value their product or service offering brings to the investors.

When pitching a project, get ready to:

► Share about the background of the concept;

► Describe the product/service that your company looks forward to launching;

► Give an overview of the competitive environment of the company;

► Tell about the current stage of the business, including the company’s achievements and milestones;

► Introduce the core team, including their experience and talents;

► Specify the expected results and the benefit for the potential investors;

► Answer the questions.

Why are Meet-Ups So Important?

Firstly, as we already said, almost every startup or ICO/STO/IEO has a need to find investors. And live sessions are a way to connect with potential investors in person. It is more beneficial to join a meet-up than to reach out cold. Investors and VC funds are more likely to give up their time if a project comes vetted and approved by somebody they already know.

Secondly, the audience of investor meet-ups are the institutional investors, which range from small investment communities to large funds. The media is also present, and it helps to generate buzz about the participants. If a meet-up is held prior to an Initial Coin Offering or a Security Token Offering, it will also increase the value of the tokens, and the bigger the excitement generated, the higher the value is likely to be.

Thirdly, the meet-up format allows making use of a variety of tools that are out of your reach in case of a phone call, a networking session, and other situations. These tools include live translation, multimedia presentations, and a lot more.

So if you are looking for a way to match your startup or a running business with investors, consider participating in a meet-up organized by a trustworthy agency or fund. To give you a starting point for your research, Priority Token holds meet-ups in all the cities around the world where we have our offices.

So instead of wasting time trying to reach out to everyone who has a word ‘Investment’ in their company’s name, apply for a private meet-up and pitch your idea to those who are willing to listen and to contribute.

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