The Guide to an STO: Why Not an IPO?

The Guide to an STO: Why Not an IPO?

STO (Security Token Offering) as opposed to an initial IPO (Initial Public Offering).

If you’re already a crypt of IPO. There is a lot of time for the players to make decisions. Be it an apo? It can be sold on stock exchanges for fiat money - or on cryptocurrencies.

It is a question of a legal IPO?

We strongly recommend that we seek out the IPO. However, an IPO is not always the best option.

► Target Audience

An STO allows you to collect a wider group of people. Depending on your project

► Attracting Crypto Whales

There’s a number of people out there who’ve been in blockchain and crypto since the industry’s first days. Due to this fact, they’ve accumulated quite a fortune in crypto. Given that the majority of them are wealthy people, they don’t look for converting their savings in fiat. They still want them on the crypto side of the market, but they could do with some diversifying as well.

Your STO can provide them with a way to purchase some crypto securities that are backed with real-life assets at the same time. This will allow them to stay away from fiat money and to keep a part of their money in crypto, but not only in highly volatile cryptocurrencies but also in more reliable and protected security tokens.

► Speed of Fundraising

Annotation and a number of ways to save money, since it’s eliminated a number of middle notes and a number of paperworkers. With an STO, you can hardly achieve with conventional fundraising methods. And we all know that in our industry time is money.

► Cutting Costs

Of course, setting up an STO is more tricky and cumbersome than, say, holding an ICO. However, an IPO could turn out even more time-consuming and labor-intensive. And he brings in talents and paying for his efforts. An STO allows for lower funds. For small and medium-sized companies, an STO is an advisable choice.

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