Your ICO Needs A Blog, And Medium Won’t Do The Job

Your ICO Needs A Blog, And Medium Won’t Do The Job

Among a huge variety of ICO PR & Marketing activities, blogging can sometimes be neglected. However, a company’s blog can be of utmost importance when it comes to promoting ICOs and Tech Startups. And a Medium profile will not do the job! Keep reading to discover the Priority Token team’s thoughts concerning this topic.

♦ Why Blog Is Important ♦

A quality content helps to build trust and demonstrate your expertise. Moreover, posting on a regular basis is relevant for convincing the audience that your project is alive and thriving. After all, blog articles are good for being indexed by search engines like Google. The more value your posts provide, the more clicks you get, and the higher the post goes into the search results.

♦ What To Post ♦

Make your blog content valuable to the readers and easy to absorb. Avoid too many sales-oriented passages. Keep your readers updated on the latest news and milestones of your project. Show your awareness of the latest industry trends by posting reviews and digests. Onboard your followers by posting interactive content like surveys or puzzles. Post some useful and likely-to-be-shared information, e.g. lists of handy tips.

♦ Why Medium And Similar Services Won’t Do The Job ♦

It’s okay to have a Medium account and post your blog articles there. But be sure to have your own blog section on your website as well, and post there before posting to Medium and other services.

► First, websites like Medium can specify on their terms of use that they own the published content. It means that they can sell it to third parties or benefit from it in some other way.

► Second, if the service shuts down, chances are you can lose all the content with all the likes and comments. Remember Vine video hosting service? When Twitter closed it down, thousands of users had lost their content.

► Third, an authentic blog on your .io website helps it to be indexed by search engines.

♦ How To Post ♦

Given that, ensure that you post all the new content on your own blog first. Then give the search engines time to index the post. This assures that the content will be related to you in case of eventual authorship questions. Then upload the post to services like Medium to amplify your content.

Note: use the right way to post on Medium and similar services. For instance, Medium Import Tool adds a canonical tag with a link to the original post on your own blog.

If you found our tips useful, let us know that in the comments!

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