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Decentralized Finance IN DETAILS

Decentralized finance (DeFi) as a concept encompasses financial processes and systems designed to eliminate the inputs of intermediaries.
These systems utilize various components of blockchain technology, including smart contracts to enable open-source, fairer, censorship-resistant, and cost-effective financial infrastructures. Due to the compelling nature and promising outlook of this emerging market, the demand for DeFi-enabled products is at an all-time high.
The value of total assets locked in the landscape has increased by $4 billion since the start of 2020.
DeFi technology has a wide range of functionalities, thanks to a diverse array of sectors that make up the financial landscape. While it is difficult to put a peg on the scope of decentralized finance, the current market is focused on implementing solutions that fall under the following categories:
Lending and Borrowing

It is valid to consider DeFI lending and borrowing as a stand-alone sector because it represents a significant fraction of the market. DeFi protocols that provide lending and borrowing services have added advantages over traditional credit systems. Since they depend on cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, decentralized lending infrastructures minimize counterparty risk, reduce the cost of lending and borrowing, and make credit services available to a global market without running credit checks.

Monetary and Banking Services

DeFi applications are potent enough to override the present frameworks adopted by financial institutions. Therefore, protocols are increasingly widening the scope of decentralized finance even as they take up more services, which are traditionally facilitated by banks. Some of these monetary services include the issuance of currencies in the form of stablecoins, insurance, and mortgages. Stablecoin, in particular, represents a critical innovation that combines stability attributed to traditional assets and the censorship-resistant, speed, and cost-effectiveness peculiar to cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Marketplaces

Instead of the restrictive policies governing the operations of traditional financial marketplaces, the DeFI narrative powers more inclusive platforms where individuals, regardless of their location, can access a diverse array of conventional financial instruments. This possibility has birthed security token issuance platforms, decentralized exchanges, DeFi derivatives, synthetic assets, prediction markets, and so on.

Our sevices for DeFi

For the projects we select we provide full range of services

DeFi Project Audit

Audit of Project’s documentation and Output the guidelines and recommendations to improve the documentation for the project.

Private one-on-one meetings with private investors/funds, organised exclusively for the project.

from $ 10,000


Development and validation of the whole package of the documentation for the project, including White paper.

Developement of the finance model, token concept and token ecomony. 


from $ 25,000


Full legal review of project documentation: Owner’s Manual (White Paper), Pitch Deck, website and Marketing Materials

Legal opinion for regulator for token qualification and licensing. Incorporation in Switzerland (Local office)

from $ 45,000


Community building - 24/7 community support services in public Telegram group of the project.

PR - Writing, editing and publishing of your press releases in all major crypto related medias by our team of professional copywriters

from $ 10,000

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Here in Priority Token we are careful to select the projects which want and can deliver on their ICO promises.
This creates a reputation which allows us to attract investors for private meet

Smart video survilence
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: FACE
Letter of Credit on blockchain without a bank.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: MTRc
Decentralized cloud gaming platform.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: PKT
Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: BIT
A Blockchain-based Fintech Operating Platform for Cargo Robots Industry
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: SKYFT
Revolution for the e-commerce industry.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: RETT
Decentralized ecosystem for surfers.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: LIPS
Fast and Secured Decentralized Exchange Platform.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: ENV
miBoodle enables everybody to make money online, its never been easier.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: MIBO
Breakthrough communication platform and advertising network in booming augmented reality.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: ARR
Blockchain platform for deferred purchases of future technologies.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: ETT
Intelligent system for email marketing automation based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: TRG
Seamless integration and connectivity among networks, businesses and people.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: TXN
Revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable.
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: OIO
dApp Builder
Blockchain App Store and Smart Contracts Marketplace
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: DAP
Pioneering crypto finance
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: ZITOKEN
Tokenized data container for secure business interactions and transactions
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: LYK
Discovery IoT
Tokenizing The Supply Chain Revolution
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: DIS
Introducing blockchain in shipping and logistics
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: SHPT
Grow Stars, Grow the Token Economy within a $46 Billion Market
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: Z-POP
Behaviour Exchange
Identifying online visitors and customizing website content in real-time
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: BEX Token
One Account For All Currencies & Cryptocurrencies
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: SFU
Building the World's Most Trusted Token
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: CARAT
The universal p2p "web" of social and financial communication, based on the technology of clustered blockchain
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: AraneoBit
New asset in global crypto economy powered by blockchain
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: Re:Factor
Bitminer Factory
Blockchain made sustainable - feeding the Blockchain Revolution with renewable Energy
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: BTM
Prime Shipping Foundation
World's first token for shipping industry
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: PSF
Era of Mobile Interactive Shopping
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: EZ8
JUNO is a football academy that uses blockchain in order to unite all children of the world
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: JUNO
The new era of online sales
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: WNC
A blockchain-based decentralised data trade service
  • Stage: Finished
  • Project Token: DXCT
The world is your chat room
  • Stage: Token Sale
  • Project Token: YZU
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Priority Token Franchise Offer
Conquer the crypto market in your country with the support of our professional expert team!
What we offer:
  • Regional exclusive rights to operate under the name of Priority Token
  • Support and education from Priority Token core Team
  • Access to our database of services requests from potential clients(250+ per month globally)
  • 15-30%+ commission from the contracts' revenues
  • 30% of Priority Token success fee from the funds raised
Priority Token Partnership Offer
Become our official partner and get commission from each sale!

What we offer:
  • 10-15% commission of the contract amount
  • Access to All marketing and commercial materials
  • Consultations and help in sales
For more details please contact our Head of Partnerships and Franchising Daria Mironova: [email protected] @Darie_Mironova

Our core team

We have a core team and auxiliary teams and contractors to cover all specific areas of your ICO project



Partner at Hax Ventures (Singaporean fund and accelerator). Head of Innovation Sub-committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation. Founder and CEO of MOST Marketing — leading Russian consultancy group (marketing, investments, GR). Mentor at Skolkovo Foundation — the main innovation hub Russia. Guided several recent successful ICOs


Vice President (Marketing & Business Development)

Marketing professional, founder of Runway Media marketing agency. Strongly experienced in digital marketing and business development for world-known high-technology brands and global crypto and fin-tech startups. ICO/STO marketing advisor.



Founder and technical leader of several high-tech projects. Master of Computer Science (MIPT), more than 15 years experience in IT sphere. Expert in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Provided technical guidance to the several projects with recent successful ICOs.


Priority Token Asia, Partner

Eldwin is a serial entrepreneur with business interest across various industries. He founded EMVertex in 2007 and the company and its subsidiaries now provide consulting services, investment, financing, bank brokerage and ICO advisory. In the ICO space, Eldwin advised various companies on their token economy and successfully assisted them in their fund raising.

Kevin Ahn

PTKorea Managing Director

Business management and Business consultant with international experiences over 20 years. Specialize in how to develop and grow business in international trading, distribution, service industry, cooperation, and social enterprise.
Ilya Gurarie

Business Development Manager

Business development and Finance specialist with over 10 years experience across global brands and start-ups in the IT and finance sectors. Deep understanding of the blockchain and crypto fields with focus on providing new clients with specifically tailored and flexible support solutions for your ICO project.


Project Mentor

Business consultant with 6+ years of experience in strategy and operations consulting in various industries. Since 2017 was a project manager and whitepaper writer for our ICO and STO clients. Have had exposure to projects in industries of finance, telecom, drones, AR/VR, and automotive among others.


Senior Investment Analyst

Financial and investment expert with over 7 years of profound successful experience in financial business analytics and investment modeling for innovative global tech projects. Head of project team for more than 25 innovation clusters and engineering centers projects.


Marketing Manager

Experienced Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the crypto marketing and advertising industry.

Jeremy Joo

Country Representative Malaysia

Having founded and exited a manufacturing company, he is now a blockchain evangelist and promoter of Distributed Ledger Technologies. He has a decade worth of experience in business development and networking and has worked with a crypto fund in Malaysia.
Camila Gutierrez

PT Managing Director (Latin America)

Spent the last 5 years growing communities and companies in Argentina and Latin America. She contributed to the setup and administration of top ecosystem projects such as Espacio Bitcoin Buenos Aires, LaBitconf and La Bitcoineta.
Kosta Du

PT Managing Director (UK)

Known for high touch relationship building, international expansion, stretch-the-box strategy thinking and team building combined with a renaissance perspective of the world. Tetris-like ability to enable/leverage and enhance existing business models and ecosystems. Wide peripheral vision and ability to connect the dots in the technology and business worlds.
Oksana Walker

Head of Priority Token Dubai

Commercially focused Kazakh-British national with board level experience and entrepreneurial spirit. Skilled to determine Strategic options and decide the means to implement and support them. Lead and managed cross-business unit corporate development activities in the UK/EU/Russia/CIS/Far East/Middle East.
Luigi Rubinacci

Chief advisor

EMBA professional with global experience in strategy, marketing and operation within the automotive industry. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian currently based in Dubai. My forte lies in reaching corporate goals by conceptualising and driving concept-to-reality of new opportunities.
Baris Arslan

PT Partner for Switzerland, Germany and Austria

CEO and Founder of AVALGON. Performance and results-driven entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in international IT projects in various industries. Strong business development professional skilled in management, strategy and technology. Build teams, motivates and directs them to achieve outstanding results.

Ambassadors and Advisors

Our advisers can help with a review of a project's materials as well as some additional services and connections they possess

Tony Ling


Co-founder of BitBlock Capital

Simon Wajcenberg


Founder and CEO of North Block Capital

Shukhrat Dzhuraev


Serial ICO entrepreneur and investor. CEO of FINiK Ltd. Organizer of blockchain meetups.

Igor Kovalev


Co-founder and CEO of DI Group (managing company for Creopop, Lepa, Football School Junior and other projects). CEO of HaxVentures (VC + accelerator in hardware and IoT in Singapore, Israel, and Russia).

Elman Kyazimov


Serial entrepreneur and angel investor with over 8 years of experience in financing of early stage technology companies. Founder and CEO of several biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, including Organica, Biocontec, and Superbug Solutions. CEO of SBS Platform (developer of innovative drugs).

Nail Gubaev


Investment professional with over +15 experiences in venture capital, private equity industry and strategic management. Investment Director of the leading high-tech venture capital and private equity fund and Member of BoD of several companies in the fields of alternative energy, semiconductors and AI computer vision, telecom, pipe manufacturing, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, and advanced coatings. EMBA degree. ICO and blockchain investor.


We offer direct support from our event-manager and/or investors relation manager on selected events. Contact us to arrange a meeting at one of the upcoming events.


Priority Token October Roadshow 2019

Priority Token is always on a search to find the new blockchain unicorns. We are looking for companies and startups in need of financial backing to take part in our June Asian Tour. The Tour is aimed at gathering all the most perspective ICO/STO/IEO projects together and introducing them to the Asian investors.

Read more

Private Investors Meet-up


Priority Token June Asian Tour 2019

Priority Token is always on a search to find the new blockchain unicorns. We are looking for companies and startups in need of financial backing to take part in our June Asian Tour. The Tour is aimed at gathering all the most perspective ICO/STO/IEO projects together and introducing them to the Asian investors.

Read more

Private Investors Meet-up


Spring Asian Tour 2019

Spring Asian Tour will cover China and Korea. These two countries represent the world’s largest investment markets for blockchain projects. Projects joining us will have the unique opportunity to pitch to a broad range of private and institutional investors in 4 blockchain capitals in Asia.

Read more


CHAIN PLUS 2019, 2nd Annual Chainers Blockchain Week in Seoul

Be a Priority Token partner at CHAIN PLUS, 2nd Annual Chainers Blockchain Week 2019 in Seoul, and gain access to our exclusive booth, added PR exposure and investor networking opportunities for your project.

Read more


China Tour 30 November - 10 December

Dear ICO and STO projects! We are excited to officially announce our December Tour of China.

Read more

Private Investors Meet-up


Blockchainer Forum 2018

Priority Token and Blockchainer offer you the unique partnership opportunity to promote your project to investors and meet the influencers in Blockchain industry at Blockchainer Forum 2018 on December 7-8th.

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Private Investors Meet-up


Consensus: Singapore 2018, September 19-20.

We are happy to announce that Priority Token has become a bronze sponsor of Consensus: Singapore 2018, September 19-20.

Read more


Asian tour by Priority Token 3rd edition

Even more exсiting and ambitious - 4 cities, more than 40 crypto investors, community leaders, and influencers at each event! 

Read more

Private Investors Meet-up


Crypto investors 5 o'clock tea in London

We are excited to invite you to Crypto Investors 5 o'clock Tea in London, on
July 24, 2018

Read more

Private Investors Meet-up


May Tour of China
  • May 25 - Blockchain Projects Night (Hangzhou)
  • May 28 - Global Blockchain Projects Roadshow Meetup (Shenzhen)
Read more

Private Investors Meet-up

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