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An addition of 30k or more users to your project community within one month! Avail the most cost-effective marketing packages on the market with Ptoken.

Community building is the key and is the best way for your project to stand out in the current bearish market.

  • 120+
    projects consulted
  • 600M$
  • 5+
    years on the market
  • 150+
    partner VCs network

What is cost-effective marketing

As per the ongoing market recession, venture capitalists are restricting their investments. This calls for fundraising experts to help startups meet their financial needs using creative tactics to secure funds. We have the perfect range of bear market-ready solutions for your project at a low cost. A big and active community around a project plays a vital role in attracting investor’s interests. With a large and active community, your project will attract genuine investors during bull runs.

Our team targets the rightly fit audience for your product/services and builds a strong global community around it. With the specialized marketing/PR packages prepared by Ptoken, you’ll be able to expand your project community globally by 20-30k people within just one month!


Partners, Trusted brands and Awards

Marketing & PR Worldwide

  • Global and local markets

    Our marketing and PR services cut across global and local markets to ensure your project has maximum reach worldwide. We have access to the Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, Australian, etc., markets to give your project the needed exposure.

  • Positioning and targeting

    Our marketing and PR services are positioned to target the right audience for your project. The goal is not just to promote and market your project, but to ensure we target the audience that is the perfect fit for the project.

  • Multiple channels

    We deploy and leverage multiple channels to reach the right audience and bring needed publicity to your project. Our team uses all social media networks, messengers, efficient PR tools, growth hacking tools, bounty programs, direct advertising campaigns, etc., to bring the best-desired result.

Cost-effective packages

  • Community building and support

    • Community building and support in English language (other languages available at request)
    • Social media management (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Linkedin and others)
    • Growth Hacking instrumetns for the social media
    from $4,000
  • Express launch package

    • Engage 30k+ people through social media and public chats
    • A high performing airdrop focused on delivering results
    • Exceptional native support from the community at all levels 
    • Daily management of social media sites and content creation
    • Systematic distribution and publishing of press releases
    from $20,000
  • Press Release Package

    • Writing and editing of one (1) press release by our team of professional copywriters 
    • Publication of the press release in relevant crypto and fintech media
    • Final list of  media for Press Release publication will be provided after onboarding and before actual publication.
    from $5,900

Selected cases

We are highly selective with the projects we work with because PToken always delivers the best at all times. We understand that the success of your project is also our success.



No matter your skill or experience, UpBots is your gateway to crypto. A trading platform where everyone wins or nobody does.



Crypto lending for real-economy projects.



Unique AI algorithms that help to optimize and properly adjust parameters of various blockchain networks to boost their performance.

Standart Protocol


The Standard DAO is the layer ZERO of stablecoins, aiming to mirror every fiat currency across all major blockchains.



Stablecoin backed by 100m EUR tokenised securities.

Our core team & advisors

Ptoken is a very fast expanding company which has grown from a small company of 10 people to more than 50 in 20+ different countries and cities. We have branches in Europe and Australasia. Plus we have very extending network of investors, advisors and legal partners

Victor Larionov


Artur Boytsov


Ilya Gurarie

Business Development Manager

Baris Arslan

Head of Zurich/Zug office

Oksana Walker

Head Office Dubai

Renat Gubaev


Kevin Ahn

Head of Seoul Office

PToken group offices

  • London
  • Seoul
  • Dubai
  • Zurich/Zug
  • Melbourne
Great Britain
Level 39, One Canada Square, London England, E14 5AB
여의도 국제금융로 2길 37
Office 703, JBC4 Tower,
Cluster N, JLT
82 6300, Zug
152 Elizabeth St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Marketing for Blockchain and Crypto projects

Marketing for blockchain and crypto projects is vital for the overall success of your projects. When you are marketing for ICO, marketing for tokensales, etc., you need the services of the best blockchain marketing agency for guaranteed success. We have been in the market for over 5 years, and have successfully consulted for 120+ projects. Our crypto marketing agency is trusted worldwide to deliver positive results.  

With our team of industry experts, all your blockchain and crypto marketing needs will be professionally and successfully executed. When marketing for ICO, the right audience is crucial to its success. We publicize your project to the best suited institutional and private investors. PToken will analyze your market, customers, and competitors, then we deploy the best suited marketing service for your IOCs, tokensales, etc. Marketing for blockchain and crypto projects can be daunting without the right guidance, and that is why we are here for you. 

Many people fail to understand the importance of building a strong community when marketing for ICO or tokensales. We help you create your own community, who directly engage and use your product. Such a community provides critical information that can have a great positive impact on the success of your project. As a crypto and Blockchain marketing agency, we leverage all available means to ensure the success of your ICO and tokensales. We are tested and trusted in this market, and our track record speaks for itself.


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