Raising Seed Capital
for your Project

No project ever kicks off without seed capital, and not every founder has access to capital to fund their project.

At Ptoken, we have created a seamless system to help you access the needed funding for your blockchain/crypto project

  • 120+
    projects consulted
  • 600M$
  • 5+
    years on the market
  • 150+
    partner VCs network

Seed fundraising

Seed funding is the first funding stage for your project, and it is crucial that you get it right. To do that, you will need the guidance of seasoned industry experts. PToken provides access to over 350 partner VCs network willing to fund your project and watch it successfully grow. Seed funding is relatively high-risk because your project is not yet proven in the market. However, with the PToken team, you are sure to get it right. 

Partners, Trusted brands and Awards

Our unique approach to transform your project

  • Strategic Positioning and Targeting

    Our team of experienced industry professionals will analyze Your project to identify the best innovative approach to make it unique from others.

  • Direct Fundrasing

    We will promote your project to our global network of private and institutional investors. Our team also arrange in-person meetings and pitching sessions around the world along with providing the access to our 500+ network of VCs ready and willing to fund your project. 

  • Full-Spectrum Service

    We are a one-stop solution for your crypto and blockchain projects. Our team of experts is ever-ready to help you develop all necessary documentation, effective marketing strategies, and PR models that suit your project. 

How PToken will help you to get funded

Direct investment from one of our UK or Australian funds

Direct investment from one of token-managed community VCs

Listing through our referral on the major IDO launchpads and exchanges

Fundraising from our network of 500+ VCs, crypto funds, impact funds, private offices, HNWI, community VCs, etc.

Building and growth hacking your community to make your token generation event a success

Building and growth hacking your community to make your token generation event a success

Fundraising Packages

  • Fundraising Audit Package

    • Audit of the Project documentation with output of the guidelines and recommendations how to improve it: White paper, One Pager, Pitch Deck and website

    • Exclusive! Private one-on-one meetings with private investors/funds, organised solely for the project. 5 meetings included in the package.

    from $15,000
  • Full Investment package

    • Full package of required documents for fundraising process
    • Formulation of financial model, development of smart contract, in accordance with KYC/AML/accreditation
    • Development of the security token concept: Equity, Asset Reserve or Debt Token
    from $25,000
  • Direct Investment Package

    • Direct access to Ptoken funds, VCs and other fundraising opportunities
    • Private one-on-one meetings with private investors/funds, organised solely for the project. Up to 5 meetings included.
    • Strict due-diligence is performed for any project applied
    from $15,000

Selected cases

We are highly selective with the projects we work with because PToken always delivers the best at all times. We understand that the success of your project is also our success.



No matter your skill or experience, UpBots is your gateway to crypto. A trading platform where everyone wins or nobody does.



Crypto lending for real-economy projects.



Unique AI algorithms that help to optimize and properly adjust parameters of various blockchain networks to boost their performance.

Standart Protocol


The Standard DAO is the layer ZERO of stablecoins, aiming to mirror every fiat currency across all major blockchains.



Stablecoin backed by 100m EUR tokenised securities.

Our core team & advisors

Ptoken is a very fast expanding company which has grown from a small company of 10 people to more than 50 in 20+ different countries and cities. We have branches in Europe and Australasia. Plus we have very extending network of investors, advisors and legal partners

Victor Larionov


Artur Boytsov


Ilya Gurarie

Business Development Manager

Baris Arslan

Head of Zurich/Zug office

Oksana Walker

Head Office Dubai

Renat Gubaev


Kevin Ahn

Head of Seoul Office

PToken group offices

  • London
  • Seoul
  • Dubai
  • Zurich/Zug
  • Melbourne
Great Britain
Level 39, One Canada Square, London England, E14 5AB
여의도 국제금융로 2길 37
Office 703, JBC4 Tower,
Cluster N, JLT
82 6300, Zug
152 Elizabeth St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

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