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Non-Fungible Tokens

Kickstart fundraising for your NFT services with Ptoken along with legal and technical consultation for your Non-Fungible Token projects and propel your startup with the right boost.

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Fon-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are a type of cryptographic token that represent the ownership of digitally rare items developed by NFT services providers. In simpler words, unique online assets are backed by non-fungible tokens. 

Each NFT service is unique as none of them can be divided into portions, so they are inherently indivisible. This quality makes them hold special values.


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Raise funds for your NFT project
with Ptoken

  • Blockchain consulting

    Before a client starts investing in blockchain technology, Ptoken will help to determine the best blockchain strategy and develop a business case.

  • Positioning and targeting

    Development of all necessary documentation, including prospectus, white paper, pitch deck along with validation of all documentation with investors, VCs and crypto community.

  • Direct Fundraising

    Multiple fundraising opportunities through our wide network of investors and managed VC and funds, direct investment attraction.

Fundraising Packages for Utility Tokens

  • Tokenomics package

    • Development of the token concept: Equity, Asset Reserve or Debt Token.
    • Development of the tokenization solution in a format which best suits the Project.
    • Development of the token economy for utility or security whichever required by the system.
    from $15,000
  • Full Investment package

    • Full package of required documents for fundraising process
    • Development of the token economy (Tokenomics) for the system to function and for fundraising purposes
    • Development of the token concept
    • Development of the White Paper.
    from $25,000
  • Marketing & PR Package

    • Community building and support in English language (other languages available at request)
    • Advanced Social media management (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Linkedin and others)
    • Growth Hacking instrumetns for the social media
    • Article and press releases writing and distribution
    from $15,000 / month

Selected cases

We are highly selective with the projects we work with because PToken always delivers the best at all times. We understand that the success of your project is also our success.



Credefi Announces Completion of a $1.8 Million Private Round and Prepares for Upcoming IDO

Natix Network


Natix Network Raised $3.5 Million Seed Round



Upbots raised a $1.10M in a Strategic Fundraising



Unique AI algorithms that help to optimize and properly adjust parameters of various blockchain networks to boost their performance.

Symbiosis finance


Symbiosis is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity protocol. It allows users to swap assets between all the blockchains while remaining the sole owners of the funds.

Standart Protocol


The Standard DAO is the layer ZERO of stablecoins, aiming to mirror every fiat currency across all major blockchains.



Stablecoin backed by 100m EUR tokenised securities.

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Ptoken is rapidly expanding. We've evolved from a small team of 10 to over 50 professionals in 20+ countries and cities. We have branches in Europe and Australasia, and a wide-reaching network of investors, advisors, and legal partners.

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Head of Seoul Office

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Non-Fungible Tokens
in blockchain and crypto industry

Our blockchain industry is booming towards NFTs as each token (NFT) is treated as a collectible and owns individual properties. 

If you wish to plan a successful fundraiser for your NFT within the global blockchain and crypto community, you can trust Ptoken’s proactive team as we understand the unique characteristics of each NFT and their need to be treated distinctly.

NFTs are most widely being used for arts, gaming, collectibles, content/memes, ticketing, real estate and others.

Ptoken has run successful campaigns to raise funds for NFT projects through our network of global investors for reliable fundings. Let’s get started!  


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